Friday, June 29, 2012

Charlene's First Half of 2012 Fashion; Princess' Style

We did it for Kate, now it's only fair the other new member of a royal family also share in some of the spotlight.

Princess Charlene's clothing budget well exceeds Kate's, but the Princess had many more engagements then the young Duchess to show off her designer duds.  Charlene's fashions at times is decidedly French: monochromatic and simple clean lines.  Very rarely opting for color other than a blue to bring out her eyes, the Princess seems to embrace the trend of the season: beige.

The largest change for Charlene was not her style, as she wore similar tailored pieces pre-wedding, but her hair style.  Her cropped 'do surprised even me.  Depending on the styling I think I love it more than the longer hair.

What do you think of Charlene's choices?  Spot on?  Or needing some more variety? 

How do you feel about the chop? Love the short 'do?  Or do you miss the old locks?

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