Saturday, September 24, 2011

Letizia: Shades of Gray and Serpentine Touches

Princess Letizia has been exhibiting a lack of color recently: black, white, and gray items have moved to the front of her closet. In fact, the last time the princess was seen wearing color was a beige suit (Aug 19th), and before that it during the family trip to Palma de Mallorca.

Monochromatic looks can be très chic or très ennuyeux. And Letizia fits into the former category: chic. She was very smart in putting these outfits together. Gone are the days of the sloppy cardigans with pushed up sleeves juxtaposed against her husbands dapper suits (Exhibit A). The princess bought tailored items, some pre-made with her favorite tea-length sleeves.

But my favorite touches are the snakeskin details in her accessories that give her outfits a bit of spice. Still in the monochromatic family, keeping the outfit appropriate, the serpent details really add a pop of interest to the looks, and are very much on trend for fall.

What do you think of Letizia's fall wardrobe, and the snakeskin trend?

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