Sunday, August 21, 2011

Norway's National Ceremony of Remembrance for Oslo and Utoya

21-Aug-2011: A National Ceremony of Remembrance was held at the Oslo Cathedral on Sunday.
Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Victoria joined the Norwegian Royal Family at the vigil in which the King of Norway made a speech.  It was a somber and beautiful ceremony where even the King had to choke back some tears.  The attacks that took place on July 22nd were senseless and horrific.  My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those that were affected from dark day.
In the King's speech, he thanked rescue workers, the police, and the Prime Mister for their support in this hard time.  He concluded his speech stating "The tragedy has reminded us of the basics that binds us all together in our multicultural and diverse society. Let us take care of this recognition - and let us take care of each other. Let us as individuals to be clear about what we stand for, and use our opportunities to influence the society we live in a positive way. Time to come will continue to demand much of us all... As a nation we take this time with us in our hearts, in our experience - and remember that we are awakened to a new awareness of what really matters to us."
Pictures: Expressen, Yahoo, Reuters, NRK
List of Deceased: NRK

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