Saturday, August 6, 2011

Princess Marie attends Malene Birger Fashion Show

05-Aug-2011: Princess Marie attended the Malene Birger Fashion Show.  
This is the second time this year Princess Marie has supported one of Malene Birger's events.  The Danish designer is a favorite among both of the Danish Princesses, as well as picking up Kate Middleton as a client on her North American tour. 
Princess Marie naturally was also the brands model for the night wearing By Malene Birger Brisa silk shirt (1,599 DKK/$300), Alasko leather belt (on sale for 449 DKK/$95), and Toto classic skirt (999 DKK/$190).

Earlier, Princess Marie was seen with her husband Prince Joachim, and their son Henrik, and Joachim's older sons Felix and Nicolaj on a mildly rainy afternoon in Cahors near Caix, France where the family was on vacation.

 Pictures: BT, BilledBladet, SeOgHoer

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