Monday, August 8, 2011

Princess Madeleine ane Chris attend the Opera in Austria

07-Aug-2011: Princess Madeleine and boyfriend Chris O'Neill attended the Opera at the Amadeus Festival in Salzburg, Austria.
The couple have been traveling around Europe for the past month: Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and now the couple were spotted in Austria. Chris is a financier back in NYC, and I hope he has some good coverage in his month long absence; perhaps that explains his glum visage - when stocks plummet wall street always looks depressed.
The Princess was not in a chatty mood according to Salzburg24 a journalist was rebuffed by the Princess:
"Princess, you like the festival?".
"Really, you don´t like it?".
"No means, I don´t answer questions".
Pictures: Svenskdam, Salzburg24

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